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As we speak, the Japanese market is continuously picking up steam as voice assistants are becoming more prevalent and IoT gadgets are selling like hot cakes. However, the market is only warming up, and so the next wave of unique VUI/IoT products (especially from overseas) will come in to fulfill the increasing wants of Japanese consumers. Now is the right time!

And that’s where Smartio comes in! As the #1 IoT consumer news medium in Japan, we can help market and promote your product, and expand your reach and increase your brand awareness. This market needs your unique product, so let’s get started right away!

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Smartio was launched in January of 2018 as a dedicated news outlet on IoT gadgets and smart speakers. In addition to the latest news, we also provide in-depth how-to articles and blogs on anything related to smart speakers and IoT gadgets.


On, we cover all major smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home, LINE Clova, etc), along with their detailed reviews and descriptions of all features. So no matter which device you own, users can easily find the info that they need under our powerful SEARCH bar!


On top of that, we also produce engaging YouTube videos on all sorts of topics ranging from Alexa skills to speaker device reviews, and from IoT gadget reviews to original drama skits.

Given all of the activities that we do, our goal and mission to make “Your Living. Smarter and More Convenient.” remains the same, and we will continually strive forward to create engaging content that is being so constantly valued by our readers. Page Views and Unique Visitors


In July of 2018, page views have surpassed 140,000, with well over 80,000 unique visitors. Although there was a slight dip in August, September numbers are projected to be the best month for Smartio, and the coming months look even better as we dive into higher-quality articles and the launch of our IoT gadget store.

User Demographics


Social Media


At the moment (September 2018), our Twitter account has exceeded 3,200 followers. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram, but of all the social media channels Twitter proves to be the most effective and engaging social medium for us and for our partners to reach users.

1.2Typical User Profile

  • I am about to purchase a smart speaker, but am unsure which one to buy.
  • I want to check out IoT gadgets and other smart speaker accessories.
  • I am looking for a detailed how-to for a smart speaker or an IoT gadget that I bought.
  • I want to read a detailed product review before I finally make my purchase.
  • I am interested in developing Alexa skills or other voice apps for smart speakers.
  • I am a repeat user because I find the content on this site useful.

Most of our readers are people who do not have a smart speaker yet, or people who have purchased one and are looking for more ways to fully enjoy their device. Young families and established families are the core of our audience, as people 25-54 years of age make up 80% of our traffic.

2.I would like to advertise, but is this channel for me?

Up to now, the following are typical advertising partners on

  • I have an Alexa Skill or a Google Action that I want to promote.
  • I have a service related to smart speakers and I want to market that.
  • We have a unique product and we want to increase sales and/or brand awareness.
  • We have a hands-on seminar or event that we would like to broadcast.

3.Ads Pricing Model

We have 4 main advertisement models. Click on each one to learn more.


Est. 600 Page Views (2 wks)

Count on us to write a detailed and captivating article about your IoT gadget, voice product, or voice service. We will promote that prominently within Smartio and also through our social media channels.

We will be very delighted to produce a detailed and engaging article on your product. After testing your product thoroughly, we usually write about the setup steps, our user experience, and the benefits to consumers. You may also provide content from your side for our review.

After publication of the above article, we also promote it on our social media channels to help expand your reach.

Price$300 (may change depending on length and content)
ContentArticle Creation & Publication
Estimated Page Views600 (over a 2-week period)

Example Advertorials

Check out a few of the advertorials done for our valued partners. Whether you would like us to create from scratch or you would like to provide your own content, just let us know!

Advertorial + Banner Space

4 Plans Available

Count on us to write a detailed and captivating article about your IoT gadget, voice product, or voice service. Pair that with prominent ad banners around the site to lead readers to your article or product purchase page and increase your conversion.

This plan will combine your high-quality article with intra-site banners to increase exposure. This plan lasts for 2 weeks. Depending on where the ad banner is placed, your page views may differ.

The following banner plans are introduced individually, but you may combine them so let us know which plan you think will bring you the most return.

Recommended Article Ad Banner


At the end of any article, there is a slider of “recommended must-reads” where you can promote your article or product.

This area seems to be enjoying the most clicks because it is directly at the end of each article where both PC and mobile users continue reading. There are 6 images in the slider, and the order of the ads are all different depending on the inventory. If you choose this plan, then of course we may prioritize you in order to give your article the most attention.

ContentArticle Creation & Recommended Article Banner
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated Page Views700-1,000 (over a 2-week period)

Header Banner

smartio header banner

This is the banner that appears in the Header of the main site, and clicking on that space will lead to your product article. This banner is the first thing that a user sees when landing on our site.

Based on September data, the header banner had 77,000 impressions (in just 2 weeks) shared among PC and mobile traffic.

ContentArticle Creation & Header Banner
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated Page Views>750 (over a 2-week period)

The estimated pageviews from the Header banner is approximately 750, but depending on the creativity of the content, we can drive more clicks to your article. Feel free to plan this important banner together with us, because it reaches 10’s of thousands of users every month!

PC Sidebar Banner


This is the lower sidebar banner that leads the reader to your product article. This is only for PC display, but with the banner being fixed on the screen during reading, you are guaranteed a good amount of important exposure for your brand.

PC users account for 30% of our traffic, but in September alone there were 23,000 impressions (in just 2 weeks) of this banner and therefore your product will get the attention it deserves from PC users.

ContentArticle Creation & Lower Sidebar Banner
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated Page Views650 (over a 2-week period)

Homepage Slider Banner

This is the area on the homepage ( with the rotating banners that lead readers to your product page upon clicking. This package includes the article creation as well, which fits well with partners who want to display impactful banners to attract the reader’s attention.


The package is for a period of 2 weeks, but the estimated 800 page views and click rate of 7% will definitely draw a considerable amount of readers to your product page.

We love being creative with the slider banner, so feel free to plan together with us!

ContentArticle Creation + Homepage Slider Banner
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated Page Views800 (over a 2-week period)

YouTube Content

From $700USD
Est. 400 Views (2 wks)

We also enjoy creating informative YouTube videos to introduce all sorts of products and services to our audience. Our popular videos receive 10’s of thousands of views, and could be a great source for your lead generation or even sales conversion.

This video content works best in conjunction with the advertorial. Based on our experience with all sorts of videos ranging from review videos to dramatic storytelling videos, we are confident that our know-how can help create an engaging YouTube segment for your product’s brand awareness. Our popular YouTubers (Shibato & Nagashi) can assist you in achieving that!

We will gladly help create your first YouTube content targeted at Japanese consumers, but we highly recommend marketing this video content along with a detailed product article, attractive banners, and promotions via our social media channels for maximum effect.

PriceFrom $700USD (excluding advertorial)
ContentYouTube Video Creation and Publishing
Estimated Page Views800 (over a 2-week period)
Estimated Video Views400 (over a 2-week period)

Example Smartio YouTube Content

Check out our product review of the Echo Spot on THE DAY AFTER Amazon’s launch in Japan! Together with you, we can create informative and engaging video content to help you lure in customers.

Display Banners by Impression

From $200USD
Est. 23,000 Impressions (2 wks)

With our constantly increasing traffic, banners can help bring readers to your product page where you get all the attention. One of the best ways to do so is to have banners appear in prominent places of our site.

We have several banner ad plans. Each display ad varies by size and position on the website, and therefore views and clicks may also vary. Check out our proposed plans below.

Banner Above Articles


This display banner will appear on top of every article on Smartio. Because of our high-quality organic traffic, this will probably be the first item that a reader will see when reading our news and product articles.

The CTR is a bit lower than advertorials, but as this banner appears on most of our pages, you can expect higher impressions and more clicks, leading to effective campaigns for your brand awareness strategies.

ContentBanner Creation & Display
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated ImpressionsApprox. 50,000 (over a 2-week period)

Upper Sidebar Banner


This display banner appears only on PC, but as it is one of the first things that a reader will see when they visit our site, it is a great way for your brand to increase awareness and clicks.

Based on September 2018 data, there was already 23,000 impressions (over a 2-week period). The Upper Sidebar Banner is often a good first step to try out Smartio’s traffic quality.

ContentBanner Creation & Display
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated ImpressionsApprox. 23,000 (over a 2-week period)

Smartio Store Header Banner


Although we have our main section ( for smart speakers, we also have a mini-store ( for readers to explore all sorts of popular and unique IoT gadgets.

The Smartio Store is a great place for readers to find simple reviews of all kinds of IoT and smart living products, as we provide brief introductions and comparisons to help the user comfortably find the best product to match their needs. We launched this in September, and within 2 weeks we have 1,700 page views already. Based on Japanese consumers’ gadget search trends, the traffic to our store will only increase from now on. This Header Banner will be the first thing a reader will see when they land on our store.

This ad model is suitable for those who would like their product to be listed on our store and displayed in prominent areas along with a brief but effective description of the unique product.

ContentHeader Banner Creation & Display + Product Listing & Review
Placement Period2 weeks
Estimated ImpressionsApprox. 1,700 (over a 2-week period)

The above are ad packages that are frequently used by our valued partners. However, you are free to propose your own combination of banners and creatives to help promote your product or service in Japan!

If you are a gadget maker, then our Smartio Store should interest you even more! Contact us now and let’s plan an awesome campaign together!

4.Contact Us

Thanks for checking out our ad models and we hope that you were able to find one (or two) that interests you and benefits your organization.

If you have a unique service or a ground-breaking gadget that you would like the world to know about, but are afraid to spend too heavily on marketing, still reach out to us and let us figure out a more reasonable plan. Just for you.

With your awesome product and our high quality traffic, we can grow the IoT/VUI market together!

Sounds good? Alright, looking forward to your message! Cheers!

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